Speciality Inks

Offering an extraordinary range of special effect inks that will provide your application with the unique look it deserves.

Signature Panel Inks

  • Signature Panel inks, both post and Pre- Lamination, opaque, transparent and high security versions that exhibit tamper evident colour change
  • Also available for non-security applications.

Optichromic SH Series

  • Colour variable inks available in six medium opaque shades
  • Colour obtained depends on the overprinted colour and varies depending on the angle of view
  • Can be produced in most Apollo Ink systems.

UV Sensitive Inks

  • Designed as security products for lamination into credit cards, or as overprints onto signature panels
  • Wide range of UV sensitive invisible colour inks from Red to Violet. (inks that become visible once subjected  to UV light)
  • Also suitable for use on paper documents

Interference Inks

  • Semi-transparent varnish that changes the optical properties of the underlying ink, giving a variety of effects
  • As these colours cannot be photocopied, they have a unique security application.
  • Available in several shades. 

Laminating Fluorescent

  • Formulated for printing onto white PVC core as used for plastic cards
  • Exceptionally low odour
  • Expectational brightness, excellent printability and self solvency
  • Dries fast to a smooth matt finish

IR Blocking

  • Range of transparent colours which block I.R. light allowing ATM Machines to recognize transparent cards 

Machine Laminable Varnish

  • Gives a high gloss option when an overlay is not wanted or needed
  • Applied through a duct, thereby adding protection and scratch

Bar Code Blocking

  • Designed to cover bar codes printed on plastic cards under the overlay film
  • Prevents the bar code from being photocopied, whilst still leaving them readable by infra-red or optical readers
  • In the case of the black bar code blockers, the bar code itself is not visible to the eye. 


  • Contains heat sensitive pigments that absorb heat from their surroundings or from directly applied heat
  • Changes from coloured to colourless from heat
  • On cooling, the ink returns to its coloured state
  • Available over a range of temperatures and colours

Rub Removable

  • Formulated for printing lottery type “scratch off” panels
  • Available in silver and gold.


  • Available in three colours: red, blue and yellow
  • Prints produced using these inks will change from colourless to coloured when exposed to UV light
  • Can be supplied in several ink types for plastic, metal and paper

UV Foil Primer

  • When applied, our Primer provides a surface that is better equipped to receive further offset colours and therefore give excellent laminating results
  • Makes it easier to print on foil substrates


  • Known as “Glow in the Dark”, these screen inks contain pigments that absorb energy from incident light and then re-emits it as light, after the incident light is removed
  • Length of time for which this is visible depends on the ink type, and previous exposure time
  • 3 main types of phosphorescent inks are available:
    • Standard long afterglow yellow/green
    • Extra long afterglow yellow/green
    • Quick charge long afterglow yellow/green
  • Standard long afterglow inks can also be produced to special order in Orange, Yellow, and Blue/Green
  • Designed to print on most plastics and paper.

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