Litho Offset Inks

Offering a high specification product range of UV curing Offset Inks for both Wet Plate and Waterless Presses.

UViseal TC+

  • Market leading UV ink series used in the production of plastic cards, especially security cards
  • Delivers high performance in offset printing and lamination
  • 4 colour process, tack graded series
  • Supplementary process colours like orange/green/violet also available
  • Full colour base mixing system available for colour matching
  • Process Colours: NUV14016/18/20/22


  • Market leading UV ink series used in the production of plastic cards
  • Delivers everything you demand from an offset laminating ink
  • Process Colours: NUV14500/01/02/03

Surface Print

  • Excellent UV range for non-absorbent substrates giving excellent adhesion and scratch resistance
  • Can also be used for reverse printing and backed up with our Opaque White
  • Process Colours: NUV4574/5/6/7

Surface ML

  • UV surface print ink series for use when an overlay is not needed/required but the customer still requires a high gloss protective surface called, “Press Polished”
  • Available as a 4 colour process set and special mixes: NUV14822/23/24/25 

Security Offset Products

  • Range of UV sensitive, invisible colours
  • Inks that change colour when subjected to UV light
  • Invisible inks that show colour when subjected to IR stimulus
  • Wide range of special effects and security products available

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