Inks for metal and glass

Offering an extraordinary range of inks for printing on metal surfaces

Catalyse C

  • Designed to have excellent adhesion & chemical resistance
  • 2-pack system using a catalyst
  • Once fully cured, forms a hard, heat & chemical resistant film with either a gloss or Matt finish depending on the catalyst used
  • Can be air dried or stoved
  • Suitable for use on most metals, glass & some rigid plastics


  • Designed for printing on unsealed anodised aluminium
  • Reacts with the anodic film & chemically bonds to it, giving exceptional adhesion and bright metallic effects
  • Fast durable prints that are suitable for applications such as nameplates

Gloss Enamel GE

  • Range of oxidation drying inks designed to adhere to wide range of materials including, paper, glass, metal, acrylics, woods & foils
  • Dries to high gloss finish and has a high build that makes them suitable for water slide transfers

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