High Quality Ink for Screen & Offset Printing

The results from the ink you use are what your customers will experience.… Apollo Ink is your best choice!

Our customers need quality ink for printing on metal, glass, plastic, fabric and paper. Hence, we have been supplying ONLY Apollo inks in South-East Asia & Taiwan since 1983.

Apollo has a team of excellent chemists who created a unique blend using a combination of high quality raw materials. The result? Vibrant colours, stability & fade resistance for your prints.

All Apollo products leave the factory only after stringent QC checks for consistent quality. These checks include: Grind test, Tach test, Curing test, De-lamination test, Viscosity test, Colour matching test, etc. Samples of all ink batches are also kept for investigation in the event of any reported issues.

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Now I know that quality credit cards were printed with Apollo inks.

Joseph SY H