Inks for textiles

Offering an extraordinary range of inks for textile to get you the unique look your print deserves.

Nylon Bag NB

  • Designed for printing onto nylon & other synthetic fabrics
  • Excellent adhesion, flexibility, opacity & wash fastness
  • Designed to be used with a catalyst (2 pack inks( and have a pot life of about 1 day
  • Air dried, but should be heat dried in oven to develop their full resistance properties

Nylon flex NX

  • Designed to work on a similar range of substrates to Nylon bag
  • Single pack ink – does not offer same level of wash resistance
  • Can be air or jet dried
  • Excellent flexibility, dries to a smooth satin finish
  • Gives adhesion to wider range of substrates than nylon bag

Neptune WA

  • Specifically formulated for direct printing on to cotton and most polyester/Cotten blends
  • Single pack ink designed to be heat cured in oven
  • Can be self-curing at room temperature with addition of cold cure catalyst
  • Dried prints will have excellent handle & soft feel

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