Screen Inks

Prestigious Screen products utilising solvent, water or UV based technology, across a huge range of standard and custom-made colour requirements.

High Bond Screen

  • Formulated to overcome lamination issues
  • Higher Bond strengths and more durable cards
  • Available across a wider range of colours and effects
  • Readily yield bonds of 8-10 Newtons/ centimetre.

Standard Laminating Inks

  • Established industry leader
  • Low odour and exceptional press performance
  • Bonds greater than ISO standards.

Water-Based Screen

  • Formulated for printing onto PVC
  • Intended to replace solvent based inks where there is a requirement to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Content) emissions.
  • Very high lamination bond strengths compared to other technologies
  • Water reducible and exhibit extremely low odour
  • Screens can be cleaned with water

UVILAM UV Laminating Screen

  • Curing system designed to combine instant drying and almost infinite screen stability
  • Designed for printing onto PVC material as used for card manufacture.
  • Can be used with coated overlay, or a laminating varnish such as S2871 or S4684 applied before lamination
  • Due to various grades of PVC used for producing cards, it is essential to test the lamination qualities before commencing a production run 

Metallics & Pearls

  • Extensive range of Metallic and Pearlescent inks
  • Approved for VISA, MasterCard, and American Express cards
  • Pearl inks also suitable for use on their own, as a primer for overprinting or as an overprint.

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